Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your Experiences with Internet Money Making Schemes, SEO, Etc.

I'm planning a series of blog posts on The Exuberant Eclectic about people's real life experiences with such things as:
  • Creating an income on the Internet
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Plans promising big money fast, often with "gurus" showing huge processed checks
  • Various kinds of plans utilizing social media such as Twitter and Facebook
My interest in writing about what might be called "get rich schemes" is because of stories I've encountered recently of folks who've invested their hopes in such plans, along with their money, but who more often than not are disappointed. And out of pocket for the money they've paid.

I'm delighted to hear from people who have genuinely succeeded (and who aren't telling me their story so they can sell me something). But given the number of people who are seemingly been hurt in their efforts to find prosperity I am more interested in documenting their stories.

In fact, such stories don't have to be about businesses relying on the Internet. They can be about people who are lured into a make money sceme through ads on the Internet.

For example, recently a young woman in Canada signed up to be a secret shopper through an ad on Craig's List. It turned out to be a scam, and the woman was out several thousand dollars. CBC Television News covered that story here.

So please let me know if you've had experiences, whether good or bad. You can email me at EclecticWritings@Gmail.com . I will respond to every email. If you do not wish your name used please let me know, and I will honor your wishes.


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