Monday, January 23, 2012

You'll Never Guess What Helps Weight Loss!

 I'm as skeptical as anyone else when it comes to "new" ways to lose weight - often they come with a hefty price tag, require strange twists in your diet, and may not even work.

And this is the season the legitimate weight loss industry as well as all the hucksters crank up their efforts to make sales. This is weight loss time, folks - the heavy eating season is less than a month past, and spring beckons us to shed pounds so we'll look good on the beach, at the gym, or on the tennis court.

So you'd expect me to be skeptical about a way of losing weight that doesn't require any physical exercise, costs virtually nothing, doesn't make you do funny things to your diet, and is safe for people of all ages, regardless of their health.
But I'm not. It makes sense to me. And this miraculous way of dropping pounds is...
Are you ready....?

Keeping a journal. Yes, that's right. Keeping a journal.

Turns out a little introspection and time spent with pen and paper encourages weight loss.

According to this story in Cosmo on-line "women who wrote about things that were important to them lost an average of 3.4 pounds. The women who wrote about things that weren't important to them actually gained 2.7 pounds."

 I was flabbergasted by this data. But more to the point, this wasn't from an advertising agency, or someone trying to sell something.

It's based on research conducted at Stanford University and Renison University College at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Who would have thought that journaling could have such a beneficial effect.

Just some paper and a pen. Color co-ordinated Moleskines are optional.

Check out the Cosmo story for why scientists believe journaling about what's important to you may help with weight loss.

Or just start writing.


  1. Great post, Daly! Who knew?

    Nice to hear journaling is not only good for the spirit, it's good for the body as well!

    Happy Year of the Dragon to you. I hope 2012 brings you much happiness.


    1. It's amazing how much good can come from journaling.

      Back at you with good wishes for the year!

  2. I am glad I keep a journal as well. I guess it has been helping me too! However, I am not leaving my weight loss to chance and I have been drinking meal replacements everyday.

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